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Project Events and News

Here we will summarise the main project events and activities as we undertake our partnership meetings, multiplier events, learning teaching and training events and local/regional events that partners undertake to share the DayPlot project journey.

Fifth Partnership Meeting and fourth Multiplier Event held in Barcelona Spain

29-30 November 2018

Proceedings opened with the fourth and final project Multiplier Event hosted by our partner CRIA PROMICIONS in Aula Europa the headquarters of the European Commission and European Parliament in Barcelona.

Delegates were served refreshments on arrival followed by a reception and welcome by the Office of the European Commission.

This was followed by a presentation of the DayPlot project by Emeteri Frago, CRIA with Antonia Castellani, Antares outlining the project methodology and context. Massimiliano Sassetti, Eulab presented the project’s final product to an invited audience of academics, policy-makers, teachers and trainers.

This was followed by a presentation by Dr Paul Schober, Hafelekar, Austria on the Valorisation report and further actions to be undertaken regarding the project.

Following a question and answer session, the final multiplier event and launch of the product concluded. It was agreed by partners and demonstrated by the attendance and interest of a multi-disciplinary audience that the final multiplier event had been a resounding success.

The following day the partnership focused on its workplan and final administrative tasks to bring the DayPlot project to its conclusion; this included quality management, dissemination and the financial reporting requirements.

Partners also spent time looking towards the future, opportunities to build on the work of the DayPlot project and its contribution to the toolbox for teachers, trainers and guidance practitioners when working with NEET young people. The partnership have no doubt that this project will leave its legacy and quite possibly a new beginning in the work needed to tackle youth unemployment and the NEET challenge.

Video: English

Video: Catalan

Video: Espana

Video: German

Video: Italian

4th multiplier event - “Azioni per un miglior futuro dei giovani NEET e Migranti”

22 November 2018

The main focus of the event has been the first results of IO4 (TESTING), we presented the MOOC platform and game methodology and also training modules on it. Following this presentation and next days they provided us with extra questionnaires whose results were then included in the final version of report. Furthermore, IO5 and IO6 have been introduced. The audience was made up of professionals, students and trainee, NEETS and unemployed people, companies HR staff, trainers and teachers (around 60 participant people).

Erasmus + N. 2016-1-It01-Ka202-005585 Day Plot

Hosted By Antares And Eulab Consulting Srl
Location: Aula Formazione
Address: 110/B Via Casilina, 00182 - Roma (IT)

16.00 - Registration and Welcome of participants

Lavinia Mazzocchetti, Eulab

16.15 - Presentation of DAY PLOT project

Antonia Castellani, Antares

16.30 - IO2 & IO3 Business Game and Training Modules

Massimiliano Sassetti, Eulab

16.45 - IO4 IO5 IO6 | Focus on Results and next activities

Anastasia Murzenkova, Antares

17.00 - Round of questions



End of the event

Fourth Partnership Meeting and third Multiplier Event held in St. Belfast, Northern Ireland

17-18 May 2018

Belfast extended a warm welcome to the DayPlot partners to a partnership meeting where partners were able to say the results of the hard work emerging from their efforts over the preceding months. This included the development of the teaching and learning materials across five key themes:

  • Cultural Awareness
  • Social and Civic Competencies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Team Work
  • Problem Solving

The translation of all materials into six languages and the development of the game storyboard voice-overs again in six languages.

The Belfast meeting was an opportunity to examine work in progress and to develop the final schedule for the final product.

The Multiplier Event hosted by Belfast South Community Resources presented the opportunity for academics, teachers, guidance practitioners and representatives from the NI Department for the Economy and Communities to share the DayPlot journey, to learn about the aims and objectives behind the game and to see the game in action. The event:

“Getting Animated about Employability – creating the buzz for disadvantaged young people to engage through Gamification”

The event beginning with breakfast and networking opportunities opened with Antonia Castellani from the project lead partner Antares setting the scene for Gamification as a tool to add to the teacher/trainer toolbox when working with disadvantaged young people. Stephen Atkinson, GEMS NI then shared how partners worked to transfer the competency framework for the project into a game,

Delegates were enthused by the demonstration of the game provided by Vindice Deplano, of Eulab, Italy the partner that provided the technical expertise in developing the game. Following a lively question and answer session, it was clear that there was great interest in the game and its possibilities as an additional tool to support disadvantaged young people including refugees and asylum seekers.

Third Partnership Meeting and second Multiplier Event held in St. Pölten, Austria

7-9 October 2017

Hosted by our partner Hafelekar, the beautiful city of St. Pölten was the venue for our 3rd partnership meeting and 2nd Multiplier Event for the project. The main business for the partners was beginning the work to develop the materials and resources required to build the gamification model. This was intensive work which set the foundations to develop the concept and prototype for the DayPlot game which was to be developed in six languages.
The Multiplier Event for the project was held on 9th October 2017 in University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten. The key theme for the event was, "NEETS : Ways to participate in society. Political goals and practical conversion”
invited the Hafelekar management consultation in co-operation with the Ilse Arlt Institute for social Inclusion Research to a symposium at the professional school pc.
NEETs are young people who do not attend school, do not work and are not in vocational training and who do not strive for this directly. In Austria, over 75,000 people aged 15 to 24 belong to this group.
During this event, the first results of the Erasmus+ project "Dayplot - The Erasmus+ Project" were presented.
Diagnosis and Actions for Young People Looking for a Better Future". Experts and practitioners discussed topics relating to the needs of young people as well as possibilities for intervention and expectations of youth and social work. Sociopolitical objectives in Austria and the EU were also the topic of the event.
The locally presented European project "Dayplot" analyses and compares projects on their inclusion from Austria, Norway, Northern Ireland, Italy and Spain, focusing in particular on the needs and potential of young people and on their direct integration into the labour market.

In a subsequent World Café, the 40 or so participating experts from Austria and other European countries discussed what had been heard and emphasised the need for multidisciplinary and participatory approaches in which young people can get to know their rights and opportunities and which, in addition to broad personality and democracy-building elements, also contain them.
Inclusion: self-determined life and co-determination of society
Michaela Moser, lecturer at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, underlined an understanding of inclusion that extends the possibilities of a self-determined life and the co-determination of society. "It is necessary to work together with the young people on the necessary social changes," Moser concluded.
Paul Schober, managing director of the project partner "Hafelekar Unternehmensberatung" concluded the event with the hope that this project will open new, innovative ways of supporting and accompanying disadvantaged young people.

Second Partnership Meeting and First Multiplier Event held in Oslo, Norway

3-5 April 2017

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HIOA) , Norway was the location for the second DayPlot partnership meeting and our first Multiplier Event of the project. Early April in Oslo was very kind to partners who hail from warmer countries and we enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather during the daytime.

After a first morning of planning on Monday 3rd April, delegates arrived for a delicious lunch of tapas before the Multiplier Event.

The Multiplier Event, the main theme of such was to present our findings from Intellectual Output 1: The Comparative Report of our analysis of the current issues for NEETs and Migrants in Italy, Spain, Austria, Northern Ireland and Norway. Steinar Widding from our host partner  HIOA, presented the findings of the comparative report which demonstrated the challenges that some European countries face when trying to find solutions to the NEET problem and support for Migrants and those with Refugee status.

Each Partner then had the opportunity to share their findings of good practice with NEETs/Migrants in their countries; followed by a question and answer session where delegates had the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification on aspects of the Comparative Report and the good practice shared by partners, Antares, Hafelekar, CRIA and GEMS NI.  Very positive feedback was received from those who attended with further conversations held over coffee before partners returned to their meeting.


The next 2 days were very busy with all partners agreeing that the Oslo meeting had been positive and productive with an excellent Multiplier Event.  The business of the meeting included guidance on financial reporting, dissemination, publicity and seminars on quality management and quality assurance.  A key focus of meeting 2 was to build the framework for the gamification tool - this would reflect the European Competencies and assist a facilitator, trainer, VET professional or IAG practitioner to work with disadvantaged NEETs/Migrants using gamification as the driver for learning.  Each partner was tasked by Eulab (the lead partner for IO2)  to develop sets of 20-30 questions that would be relevant to the competencies and would be part of the navigation of the game - a game with a purpose as well as fun.  We all worked really hard and also took a lot of "homework" away with us, arrangements for online meetings and deadlines for the return of our completed tasks.

Of course, we had time to look around the wonderful city of Oslo and our social dinner was held in the Hotel Continental with fish dishes a delight and our vegetarian colleague saying hers was the best vegetarian dish she had ever had - praise indeed!  We left Oslo with warm hearts from a warm welcome from our hosts HIOA, the knowledge that our first Multiplier Event had been very successful, we had worked well to achieve our tasks and, finally, went home with our tasks including planning for Austria in October 2017.

DayPlot Partnership Kick-off Meeting in Rome Italy: Hosted by Antares and Eulab Consulting

October 2016

DayPlot was all systems go in October 2016! this important first meeting was held in the offices of Eulab Consulting in Rome - all  partners knew at least one other partner from working on projects together over the past 10-15 years and everyone was enthusiastic and highly-motivated to be working on this exciting new project that would use gamification to support the inclusion of people who experience labour market disadvantage, specifically NEETs and Migrants. 

Tatiana Tamberlani, Eulab Consulting, demonstrating gamification

The first meeting of any new project is highly important; this is where the project plan is discussed in detail and concrete actions are time-tabled with task owners and deadlines.

Of course, it wasn't all hard work! our project partnership had a wonderful social dinner in Hostaria Costanza which is within the remains of an ancient Roman theatre. The food and the conversation were excellent.