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The Project Partners

The DayPlot partnership is a rich source of knowledge, complimentary expertise and specialist skills. We look forward to sharing our partnership journey.

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AntaresRome, Italy

ANTARES, founded in 1989, is a SME with a team of qualified consultants and works in the field of enterprise consultancy, socio-organisational research and training in several areas. It has been involved in dozens of European partnerships.

Work Research Institute (AFI)Oslo, Norway

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The Work Research Institute (AFI) is a social science institute within Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences. We pursues multidisciplinary, action-oriented research. Our aim is to produce systematic knowledge on working life. The institute is especially concerned with forms of organization and leadership that promote the collective ability to learn, cooperate and adapt, and thereby create a better working environment. The institute emphasizes the importance of broad, action-oriented research programs based on the needs of working life. The programs are formed in close collaboration with Norwegian business and industry, and financed by the Norwegian Research Council programs, ministries and directorates, municipalities, labor organizations, organizations in the health and welfare field, as well as private companies. Most of our staff members are social scientists. The institute also benefits from the expertise provided by its graduates in engineering, law and other disciplines.

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Centre Recursos d’Iniciatives i Autoocupació, sl (C.R.I.A.)Madrid, Spain

Centre Recursos d'Iniciatives i Autoocupació, sl (C.R.I.A.) performs as consultancy and training organization of PROMOCIONS – Knowledge Network and is specialized in: - Social inclusion programs and local social development - Local economic and employment actions with disabled people - Training of trainers in innovation educational action, and European manager training - Political employment and social innovation - Programs of start-up and social enterprise development in different sectors CRIA is a small private company, since 1997 promotes, assesses and participates in European initiatives programs and international cooperation. Work with public administrations (local and regional level), other privates sectorial companies ( services, education, industry), trade unions and social and educational organizations, economic and social thematic networks.

Eulab ConsultingRome, Italy

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Eulab Consulting, is born in 2010 as knowledge company to offer useful and innovative training on the market, also supported by new e-learning methods, our company grew in just a few years, expanding its training offer, with the integration of research and consulting services. Our vision and mission have become an integral part of the organizational model. The staff of Eulab Consulting, counts on over thirty professionals distributed in three synergic areas: Knowledge area. Experts in supporting customers in the production process of personal knowledge (individual and group coaching activities) and within their contexts (social and market researches). Technology area. Innovative and reliable, among the best in Italy, in the computerized management of corporate know-how (CMS and LMS systems). Experts in offering e-learning courses. Learning area. Specialized in diffusing knowledge. We offer catalogue and «tailor-made» training courses. We rely on a task force specialized in procuring financing for training.

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GEMS NIBelfast, Northern Ireland, UK

GEMS Northern Ireland is a company limited by guarantee and registered charity/social enterprise organisation. Since our launch in 2002 we have developed and delivered best practice in employability/employment services. GEMS NI is recognised as delivering excellence in IAG and VET and our development of models of best practice in employability interventions that support long-term unemployed/economically inactive people and in particular marginalized and disadvantaged groups including lone parents, migrants, young people who are NEET, older people, people with disabilities and health conditions, who experience disadvantage in the labour market. GEMS NI is committed to bringing "people to jobs and jobs to people". GEMS NI strives to promote social inclusion in the labour market and respects the client's right to freedom of career choice and freely chosen employment choice within the constraints and realities of the labour market.

Hafelekar ConsultancySt. Pölten, Austria

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Hafelekar was founded in 2001. Hafelekar combines expertise in managerial, social and educational sciences. Customers are entrepreneurs, business companies, non-profit organisations as well as clients in the public sector. Hafelekar is mainly engaged in the following lines of business: Consulting, Research, Studies, Surveys, Evaluation, Validation of informal and non-formal learning, Development of (ICT-) training models, Curricula design,  Analysis of training needs, Vocational orientation, Career guidance, Process Management, EU-funded projects & Innovative Technology projects.    A close cooperation exists with the University of Innsbruck (Department for Knowledge Organisation) in the area of qualitative social research.  Hafelekar also cooperates with the Management Centre Innsbruck, a college of applied sciences and the Standortagentur Tirol with its clusters. Furthermore, Hafelekar is integrated in a dense network of VET and related institutions and bodies.